If you have already seen our Rural Multi Development portfolio, then this project would make more sense to you.

It's a well know fact that in the developing economies many projects develop a scope or a feature creep as a result the full benefits are not realized by the planners. The reasons for this could be technological, legal, social or even a shortage of resources, but the point we are trying to prove is that: whatever be the case, every situtation or problem can have many types of solutions, right? well then the chief question is have the planners got the best and correct solution in place? Whenever you see a value loss or mere wastage then the answer must be a "No".


Look at the following live and real time examples [specifications are available upon request]:

     A. Town Planning: Four railway subways and not a single overbridge can cordon off a county or neighbourhood during heavy rains

     B. Farm produce perishing due to changing logistics and space management mismatch

     C. Demolition and restucturing of Apartments within 30 years period due to average space and material minimax

     D. Agriculture land converted to layouts, locking out the farmer, paripassu 75% of layouts remain unsold and remaining 22% not develped   

     E. Retail outlets suffering due to improper ordering and SKU placement or replinishment


At SiMERF we focus on the end result and then conduct the research. We do not modify the findings to suit the requirements of financial policies.Th reason being our mission is to add value or share value and not facilitate wastage in the long run. MBA professionals and seasoned business people understand the concept of LTV - life time value, this is calculated in the longrun. When society suffers business suffers. Most suffering is due to the inability to forecast the future, rather in the words of Management Guru C K Prahalad (late) "the inability to reinvent the future" and "inability to escape from past success" are the reasons why great companies fail. This means successful business planners should realize that the past success should not interfere with the current analysis and actions. Our education research is to facilitate right knowledge to prevail and proliferate among the different sections of the urban as well as the rural society.


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