If you have a dream, we have a desire. If you have a desire then we have a dream. If you say that you have both a dream and a desire, then we should have the determination to destine it happen. 

At SiMERF we focus on management research and consulting for business clients who are keen in trying to optimize their processes and add value. Our education research is to facilitate right knowledge to prevail and proliferate among the different sections of the urban as well as the rural society.

Our approach towards the above have been designed, taking into account the various requirements of business operations within their management levels on one hand and Rural Agro-industrialization requirements under a changing and complex environment on the other hand.

We see the dismal situation of the farmers and small time traders and Entrepreneurs. Many farmers sell off their lands to educate their children, hoping for a high paid city life, in the end many do not even landup in petty-salaried job, news on farmers committing suicide etc.. Has the compassion in you ever asked the question why? 


So together what is it that we can do?   Yes we can build, we can Co-create..

  • Ayurvedic-tourist Centers
  • Pollution free - Meditation and Recreation scenic cottages                                    
  • Organic Farms                                                
  • Cottage Industries                                      
  • Learning Centers for spreading highest management knowledge

Are you ready to be a Patron or a Partner? 



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"Like war, Peace has to be waged vigilantly" - Dalai Lama