Black or White ... ?  Any Box testing

Within the IT systems when in it comes to a situation, that you do not have the time to check what can go wrong, or if glitches have already occured, you would like to get quick fix solutions till your team is able to improvise a more robust system or whatever be the case,  our expertise would help you to reasonably plug-in the service gaps.

We have provided a lot of inputs in correcting closed or semi-automated systems as part of our market-research feedback to credit card companies, bankers, hospitals, Automobile giants, Retailers, Telecom, Insurance, FMCG manufacturers and Educational institutions. 

Besides normal consultation charges, please note that there is a goodwill deposit, which is refundable at any point of time of your choice. The interest from such proceedings are used for social causes.

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"Like war, Peace has to be waged vigilantly" - Dalai Lama