The yearning for being a Fellow of a reputed Institution, or undergoing a multi-disciplinary Doctoral research program, all streams from the intentions of doing something unique or adding on something extra to the ordinary world, only for the benefit of mankind. Individual satisfaction is a natural by-product under such research programs. Studies indicate that only 4% of world literates have this willingness and ability to understand and do research work. It would be an honor to have you working with us on such projects.

Research needs to have a bounded rationality but when the issues are across boundaries of more than one domain, more than one subject, more than a single requirement, it's obvious we need to "Think-out-of-the-box" and "Think-within-boxes" too! To know more or get down to brass tracks talk to our Dean. Like you, we too are awaiting to integrate knowledge and inspire lives!   

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"Like war, Peace has to be waged vigilantly" - Dalai Lama