In the new age of Enlightenment, knowledge has to be gained only to be shared. Duplication of efforts have to be dropped down, this is done by identifying the redundant areas of study which dominate the conventional education system. It would be surprising to note that the American Modular Education system [AMES] is built on the Vedic principles. Which is to say in terms of discipline, depth, duration and determination of a given study there are huge similarities between the AMES and the Indian Gurukula system. Well, in a lighter sense the key differences should be in the infrastructure and seating arrangements! 

Jokes apart, we agree with you that Education is a serious business that influences your personal life and that which consolidates your professional life.

At SiMERF you can enjoy - International migration, 360 degree learning, Live projects, Not just a placement but a guarantee for your career positioning, earn while you learn, with an Internationally recognized certification [with exception to GOI jobs and PSU jobs in India]. With the new Government in place we hope that besides net neutrality, like in the USA, there would soon be an Education Neutrality in India too!.

Wait a minute did you read the above lines correctly? - a guarantee for your career position? not just placements? Yes that's right. How is that possible? Well If you are serious, then contact us and you will soon realize that we are in the business of sharing values not just words. Any value can be gained or shared only when both parties are equally committed. We are committed to making a better world for everyone. What is your dream? what is you belief? Can you see that intelligence gives rise to knowledge, and knowledge is good information at the right time. With knowledge, wisdom should set in, and with wisdom you should reach englightenment. Why enlightenment? Well in the words of Rusi Modi - the father of Indian HR movement "for any organization to be successful there are two forces needed..a strong and committed workforce and an englightened Management". So if you are committed to getting yourself a career position in advanced management, then get SiMERF'ed to create and sustain values!          

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"Like war, Peace has to be waged vigilantly" - Dalai Lama