The mis-match between the industry/corporate talent requirements vs what the students actually get coached for in the academic circle creates the so called "skill gap".  It is obvious that the existing Institute-Industry-Interface - I3 is inadequate in mapping the talent requirements with their respective coaching needs. Hence, conventional educational qualifications no longer satisfy the needs of the corporate world! As a result we see poor quality of products and services. The Media networks can play a more constructive role in making the I3 more efficient and effective, thereby improving the market's quality quotient in the long run.  

People have the abilities and willingness to acquire the skills, but is the system delivering it? Is the sytem clear? or is it a system of imitaion like that of a "cat striped itself to look like a tiger" ? For the errors in the system, is it correct to blame the people, pupil or parents for the lack of skills? Investigative journalism should look into this truth. 

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