We don't have to tell you that HR means Knowledge, Skill and Attitudes [KSA's of people], but surely unless you tell us your Development plans nobody can help you. So that's the HRD for you and let us give you a warning which probably others may not dare to give fearing loss of business, which is - "Any training or development program is just a polish on your leather, it is not the leather!". This simply means T&D or Career Development programs cannot create the needed change in your QWL (Quality of Work Life) or HRD effects. Even if it does, the change would be short lived! We have seen it happening, obviously you know what we are saying. Therefore what is the game plan? Simple: you ensure your functionality develops the business touchpoints and we will pump up their Adrenalin. Yes! your business is the leather, allow us to do the polishing.      

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"Like war, Peace has to be waged vigilantly" - Dalai Lama