Gig vs Big Economy - new age of job employments and skill sets

This new age freelancing is glorified yet is the industry ready to accommodate their social security requirements? Can freelancing provide the same quality? loyalty towards customers? Read on

New age of AI ML and people

When machines teach people, people behave like machines. This write describes two important reasons for the limitations or boundaries to which AL and ML can influence our lives.

What they don't teach you about Yoga

The east has finally shared control with the west on its proprietary knowledge on Yoga science. But still an innate truth or secret is untaught for forgotten due new outlooks! To know more read on..

Cost Web of Car Manufacturers

What happened to the spare wheel? what happened to our common sense?

Ideas meeting

A write up on the convergence of thoughts of great personalities

News you can use

Savvy Saying

"Like war, Peace has to be waged vigilantly" - Dalai Lama